Cantina Ortaccio | Rosso 2021

Cantina Ortaccio | Rosso 2021


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Origin: Italy - Lazio, Latera (Viterbo)

Grapes: Sangiovese (90%), Grechetto Rosso (10%)

Flavor profile: Ortaccio Rosso offers a medium-bodied wine experience with well-balanced tannins. Notes of vanilla, spices, leather, fruits, and earthiness create a harmonious blend on the palate, delivering a delightful and distinctive taste.

Process: Cantina Ortaccio, situated in the picturesque Latera, near Lake Bolsena, cultivates their vineyards in a unique volcanic terroir ranging from 400 to 550 meters above sea level. The vineyard features traditional local grape varieties, including Sangiovese and Grechetto. The grapes are lovingly tended without the use of synthetic products, reflecting a commitment to organic practices.

The winemaking process involves a spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts in fiberglass containers, with no added sulfur dioxide. The wine is then matured for a minimum of 10 months in regenerated oak barriques. Further refinement occurs in their traditional cellar carved into tuff, providing optimal humidity and temperature control. No transfers are made, allowing the wine to develop naturally. After maturation, the wine is bottled and aged for a minimum of 3 months before release.

About the producer: Cantina Ortaccio or the passion for preserving tradition and creating wines that mirror the authentic terroir of Latera. Massimo, driven by an age-old passion rooted in his family history, and Patrizia, who embraced this life-changing project with Massimo, are committed to a holistic approach to winemaking, striving for an intact and genuine wine that reflects their connection to the land and their way of life in the countryside.