Costadilà | 450slm - 2022

Costadilà | 450slm - 2022


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Origin: Italy - Veneto

Grapes: Glera

Process: Crafted using traditional methods, this Prosecco undergoes a grape crushing and destemming process, with a 10-day maceration on the grape skins. The must is then statically decanted and aged on fine lees for 5 months in stainless steel. A unique re-fermentation occurs with the addition of unfermented must from the same grapes, which have undergone appassimento, lasting until March. Notably, this wine contains no added sulfites.

Flavor profile: The 450slm Vino Bianco Frizzante from Costadilà is a prime example of old-school, true Prosecco. Delicate bubbles grace the palate, presenting fresh notes of green apple, pineapple, honeymelon, and a distinctive minerality. It's a remarkably fresh and authentic expression of this Italian classic.

About the producer: Costadilà wines are renowned for their authentic, natural approach to winemaking. Named after the altitude of their vineyard plots, each bottle is a testament to the producer's commitment to preserving traditional winemaking methods and creating truly distinctive Italian wines.