Fjord Coffee | Brazil - Fazenda Gabriela Cinnamon Fermentation - Omni - 250g

Fjord Coffee | Brazil - Fazenda Gabriela Cinnamon Fermentation - Omni - 250g


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Fjord Coffee


Flavour Notes: Red Apple, Cinnamon, Plum, Christmas Cake
Producer: Jose Maria Oliveira

Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm/Washing Station: Fazenda Gabriela
Processing: Honey Aerobic, Cinnamon Fermented
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1280m

A limited release of a special coffee, created using specialised fermentation methods.

This coffee was created by our partners at Fazenda Gabriela in Brazil, using a specialised infusion with cinnamon during fermentation of the coffee. The result is a sweet and complex coffee with notes of red apple and plum, with a slight cinnamon finish that reminds us of a Christmas cake. 

Roasted as an omni-roast, this coffee can either be used to prepare espresso or filter coffees. 


This coffee was harvested as part of a project on the farm called 'Para Ela', or 'For Her' in Portuguese, that aims to financially empower women.

The vast majority of coffee grown in Brazil is mechanically harvested, meaning the coffee cherries are picked from the trees by machines. However, several areas of the Oliveria family's farms have shade-providing trees within the rows of coffee trees, which prevents machines from reaching the trees.

The Oliverias employ a team of women to pick and sort the coffees from these trees, who receive a 50% higher wage than the region average and challenging the gender pay gap. To learn more about this project, click here. 


To create this special cinnamon-infused coffee, the Fazenda Gabriela team used an infusion with ground cinnamon during the fermentation process. As the coffee is transported to tanks, ground cinnamon is spread throughout the fermentation tanks.

This is done several times until the tanks are full, then stirred and left overnight. Afterwards the coffee is thoroughly washed before drying, however the coffee beans maintain a slight cinnamon flavour.