Fjord Coffee | Brazil - Santa Luzia - Espresso 250g

Fjord Coffee | Brazil - Santa Luzia - Espresso 250g


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Fjord Coffee


Flavour Notes: Nougat, Milk Chocolate, Dried Banana
Origin: Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm/Washing Station: Fazenda Santa Luzia
Processing: Natural
Variety: Topazio
Altitude: 1250m
Roast Style: Espresso

On the very top of a picturesque hill, Fazenda Santa Luzia is beautifully structured, segmented and its coffee fully traceable.

This lot from Minas Gerais, Brazil is lot from Fazenda Santa Luzia, owned by Jose Maria de Oliveira. Varieties such as Red and Yellow Bourbon, Acaia, Red and Yellow Catuai are grown across the farm, as well as the Topazio varietal, which makes up this particular lot. This is our second year selecting a lot from Fazenda Santa Luzia, but our 6th year buying from the Oliveira family. 

The relationship between Jose and his team is key to the success of their coffees across their farm. To Jose, his team is an extension of his family; he’s a strong believer in higher wages and providing a brighter future to his workers and their families.
The core foundation of the team's work is being able to provide wages that will deliver a higher quality of life, while providing the opportunity to put their kids through college. Both José's daughter, Nathalia and his son-in law Ronaldo follow in the family tradition of coffee production, with the hope that it will continue for more generations. 

We selected this coffee for two reasons. Firstly, because it is an excellent demonstration of why Brazilian coffees are the most popular for espresso in the world, with notes of nougat, chocolate and dried fruit. Secondly, although the Topazio varietal (a cross of Mundo Novo and Yellow Catuai) is little-known, it is extremely well suited to the climate of Minas Gerais and produces excellent and sweet coffee.