Fjord Coffee | Ibisi Peaberry, Rwanda - Filter 250g

Fjord Coffee | Ibisi Peaberry, Rwanda - Filter 250g


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Fjord Coffee


Roast Type: Filter Coffee
Flavour Notes: Red Currant, Raisins, Cacao
Region: Southern Province
District: Huye
Sector: Maraba
Altitude: 1,900 meters
Variety: Red Bourbon (Peaberry)
Processing: Fully washed
Producer: Bernard Uwitije

Ibisi Mountain Hills washing station is located in the hills of Southern Rwanda, just a short drive from the Nyungwe Forest, one of the branches of the river Nile.

Bernard Uwitije, a native of the area, had been trading non-washed coffee up until 2015, when he realized the potential for fully washed specialty grade coffee.

He built his first washing station, Gitega hills, which operated successfully in his first year and he decided to expand the operations by building a second washing station, Ibisi and the quality at both stations remain outstanding.

This is the second year we have shared a Red Bourbon Peaberry lot from Ibisi Mountain Hills. We selected this coffee for its complex sweetness, expressed as notes of red currant jam and raisins, and its clean mouthfeel and finish.


Following the pulping of freshly delivered cherry, the coffee is wet fermented and then the beans are sorted by density using water filled grading channels. The wet parchment is dried under cover for 24 hours before being moved to uncovered drying beds for an average of 15 days. During that period the coffee is continually hand sorted.

Ibisi are working with over 2000 farmers, of which 845 are part of 25 groups with their farms certified C.A.F.E Practices, and more than 45% of them are women.

Part of the income generated by the station each year after repayment of loans is given as premium to farmers to support our 2000 farmers community to pay health insurance scheme, school fees for their children and sometimes upgrade their homes and lifestyle.