Kazzen 'Oro di Pantelleria' | Capers in Sea salt 60g


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Kazzen's Capers are medium-sized capers, hand-harvested every 8 - 10 days from May to September, hail from the pristine island of Pantelleria. 

A true embodiment of tradition and innovation, they follow the age-old practices of Pantelleria, where the volcanic soil imparts unique flavor, yet they're processed using modern technologies to ensure quality. With no added preservatives, dyes, or chemical additives, they remain an authentic delicacy.

These dark green to violet capers offer a captivatingly floral and subtle aroma, a departure from the typical herbaceous and sour notes found in most capers. They're exceptionally versatile, enhancing everything from salads to pasta dishes, including classics like Puttanesca. And, of course, they make an exquisite garnish for fish and meat dishes.

Excepted for very rare and specific occasion, you'll have to rinse the salt to fully enjoy their taste.

Kazzen 'Oro di Pantelleria' is a dream come true, a project undertaken in 2004 with passion and competence by Fabrizio, Alessandro and Massimo D'Ancona. Strengthened by their fraternal bond and united by their love for Pantelleria, they pursued a far-sighted entrepreneurial idea: to cultivate and transform the capers and zibibbo of this island using rigorous artisanal methods. The idea of ​​building this laboratory on old family-owned land came from the eldest of the D'Ancona brothers, Fabrizio, a risky idea for the times and the financial resources of the three brothers. Today Alessandro is the first person involved in the company together with his wife Marilena who coordinates all production activities. The gratification came immediately in 2005 when at the flavor expo they were awarded the “PRIZE OF TASTE” for PESTO PANTESCO . (...)