Kemker Kultuur | Kumpeni 750ml

Kemker Kultuur | Kumpeni 750ml


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Kemker Kultuur


Herbal beer brewed in collaboration with the attending home and professional brewers of Grutkultur-Festival 2020.
We elaborated the different herbs, which everybody brought to the brew day and used them during the boil and in the coolship. Further, we added organic bitter and blood oranges to the cooling beer. Fruit forward herbal beer, which is not for the faint of heart. This blend matured for 15 months in red wine barrels.


Alc. 6%

Content 75cl


About Kemker Kultuur: 

Our brewery is located in the countryside in Alverskirchen – a small village near Münster, Germany. We brew beers that are inspired by our local history and agriculture. We ferment our beers and ciders with our house culture or spontaneously by our local microflora. When the weather allows we will use a coolship. The ingredients for our concoctions are sourced sustainably and locally whenever possible. Operating since February 2017.