Kemker Kultuur | Venn Magnum 1,5L

Kemker Kultuur | Venn Magnum 1,5L


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Kemker Kultuur


In the past, bog myrtle was along with other herbs an ingredient of the Münster gruit beer - a medieval herbal beer. For Venn we have used this aromatic herb. This blend has an orangey, resinous aroma and an underlying maltiness. The beers were aged in red wine barrels for an average of 21 months. Bottled December 2021.


Alc. 6%

Content 1,5L


About Kemker Kultuur: 

Our brewery is located in the countryside in Alverskirchen – a small village near Münster, Germany. We brew beers that are inspired by our local history and agriculture. We ferment our beers and ciders with our house culture or spontaneously by our local microflora. When the weather allows we will use a coolship. The ingredients for our concoctions are sourced sustainably and locally whenever possible. Operating since February 2017.