Kevin Kocht | Bright Bergamot 200g

Kevin Kocht | Bright Bergamot 200g


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Kevin Kocht



Kevin is a young, passionate chef based in Berlin. Although still in a development phase with his own project, judging from the stunning quality of his first products you could bet - as we at Archipel did - that he's going to have a bright future in the artisanal food community of our city.


Bright Bergamot

The Return of the Jedi? Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade? Before Midnight? We can debate all day about our favorite third chapter on the silver screen, but trust us: there will be no doubt in your mind that the third instalment in the ongoing marmalade saga produced, directed and starring Kevin Kocht will be up there in the pantheon of great Chapter III's.
Like every great sequel, it captures both the spirit of the original (Mighty Mandarine's tangy, laser-like citrus accuracy) and the sequel (Rich Rhubarb's sweet&sour spiel and aromatic complexity) and adds its own twist. One teaspoon on toast with a generous support from Barlotti's Bufala butter suffices to sweep all the taste bud awards in the category Home Breakfast.
By the way, if you thought about picking Matrix Revolution, just know that we still love you. We are just worried about you.