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Vegan - Direct Trade - Dairy Free - Gluten free



Flavor Profile: Complex aroma and flavor profile with little acidity and gentle mildness. Pure, intense cocoa taste from rare Chuncho beans.
Rewards:  Award-winning handmade bean-to-bar chocolate with 75% fine cocoa Chuncho, naturally cultivated in the highlands of the VRAEM region (valley of the rivers Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro) in Peru.



Flavor Profile: Refined flavor from white cocoa beans with a balance of acidity and fruitiness. Tastes of nuts, caramel, mild spices, and buttery texture.
Rewards: Multi-award-winning handmade bean-to-bar chocolate with 72% fine cocoa blanco from the Piura region in Peru.



Flavor Profile: Soft citrus notes, fresh nuts, wild fruits, with a palette including citrus, strawberry, guanabana, anise, banana, honey, dark sugar, loam, and grass.


Flavor Profile: Distinct secondary notes including raisin, green tea, jasmine, banana, nuts, wood, licorice, dark sugar, blueberry, and cassia, without any bitterness.
Rewards: Recognized as a multiple award-winning limited special edition.   Award-winning handmade Tree-to-bar chocolate with 72% Criollo cocoa from the VRAEM region in Peru.

About the Cocoa:

Meybol Cacao's commitment to producing high-quality chocolate is deeply rooted in their selection and nurturing of rare and indigenous cocoa beans, primarily sourced from the rich biodiverse landscapes of Peru. The Chuncho beans, often referred to as the 'mother of all cocoa beans' and a part of Peru's cultural heritage, are celebrated for their exceptionally high diversity and unique flavor profiles, offering a chocolate experience that is complex, multifaceted, and rich in depth. This variety, with its mild acidity and gentle profile, demands no additional ingredients to enhance its natural and authentic cocoa taste.

The Piura beans, known as the purest form of native cocoa, are revered for their refined and sophisticated flavor profile, marked by a perfect balance of acidity and fruitiness, with a distinct taste of nuts, caramel, mild spices, and a luxurious buttery texture. The Amazonas beans provide a vibrant and rich flavor palette, with soft citrus notes, traces of fresh nuts, and wild fruits, culminating in a taste experience that is as diverse as the Amazon itself.

Lastly, the Criollo beans from the VRAEM region stand out for their comprehensive flavor and precious aroma, offering a rich tapestry of secondary notes including raisin, green tea, jasmine, banana, and more, without any hint of bitterness. These beans, reserved for the finest chocolates, exemplify the pinnacle of cocoa quality and taste.

Through meticulous cultivation, selection, and processing, Meybol Cacao ensures that each chocolate bar is not just a treat for the palate but also a tribute to the rich biodiversity and cocoa heritage of Peru. The dedication to preserving these rare varieties and their unique flavor profiles is what sets Meybol Cacao apart in the world of fine chocolates.



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