Monograno Felicetti | Spaghettoni il Cappelli 500g

Monograno Felicetti | Spaghettoni il Cappelli 500g


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Sometimes artisanal craft, passion, family bonds and dedication are met by technical savvy, forward thinking and entrepreneurial skills. When it happens, the results can be surprising, innovative, and yet still respectful of ancient traditions. 

One such case is Monograno Felicetti, a family business that steadily grew without compromising one bit in quality. Ancient grains are organically farmed in Puglia, their flour combined with the minerality of the Dolomiti mountains water flowing directly into the Felicetti pasta factory from their exclusive spring. Beautiful mechanical bronze dies cut and form the pasta into a variety of shapes, of which we chose our three favorite ones for our web shop:

Monograno Felicetti | Spaghettoni Senatore Cappelli - 
The result of agronomic genius of one of the greatest unacknowledged Italian scholars and dedicated to Senator Raffaele Cappelli, this variety of hearty and robust wheat grain captures the sun of Puglia and the true and sincere flavour of the 1900s. When prepared by Felicetti’s skilled pasta makers and combined with the pure water of the Dolomiti Alps, it gives warmth and colour with a straightforward, vigorous temperament. 

We chose the thick, toothsome Spaghettoni to enhance these peculiar qualities and improve every traditional or experimental pasta creation you can concoct in your kitchen. 

Spaghetti - Simply put, the last spaghetti you’ll going to buy. The trademark rough texture makes them ideal to soak in any type of sauce: from a rich ragout to a simpler (although not easy!) cacio e pepe, just about any traditional pasta recipe or new creation will benefit from its taste, while allowing you to have an incredibly rich range of choices  for how al dente your pasta should be. 

Penne Ritorte - the slightly spiralling grooves are not only incredibly cute, but serve the purpose of holding onto that beautiful arrabbiata sauce that you just made in the most efficient way. Not feeling too spicy today? Your pesto will shine just as much. 

Pache - this is a slightly more off-beat pick: a bit bigger than the popular Rigatoni, but way smaller than Paccheri, we find this format an ideal solution for any thick gravy or richer sauce, especially if there’s some little piece of meat that can be accommodated in its large empty belly. If you are thinking Carbonara right now, you’re welcome. 

Monograno Felicetti | Penne Ritorte Farro - Used by the Celts, Egyptians and Etruscans thousands of years ago, this healthy cereal organically grown in Puglia is then transformed by the expert hand of Felicetti’s master pasta maker, producing delicate fragrance of mace, fresh hazelnut and baked eggplant with a pleasant, tenacious bite and notes of crispy bread and peanut butter.