Salemipina | Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce 330g

Salemipina | Organic Cherry Tomato Sauce 330g


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If you scroll through the list of ingredients of this amazing cherry-tomato sauce you will certainly not have a long read: “pomodoro ciliegino (95% minimum)” is the first entry, and it’s followed by EVO oil, sea salt and 0.3% of fresh basil.

This says a lot about the approach that this brilliant small Sicilian manufacturer has towards taste in general, and specifically how much they trust the sweet, rich flavor of the cherry tomatoes grown on their own land.
Basil and olive oil are also self-produced by this company which connects a big part of their identity to doing everything in house, in order to have maximum quality control and ideal expression of the Sicilian terroir.
This is as close as you would get to being invited for dinner by Mrs. Pina Salemi herself - the founder of the family business and inspiration for all their recipes since - and gives you a delicious, ready-to-use sauce to use as a base countless recipes: arrabbiata with our Penne Ritorte, amatriciana with our Pache and guanciale, or the purest Spaghetti al pomodoro you’ll ever have - with a generous dash of Parmigiano for the mantecatura - to warm up any lazy Berlin Sunday at a moment’s notice.