Puro | Sicilian Lemons - 1 Kg

Puro | Sicilian Lemons - 1 Kg


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A simple fruit, but when unsprayed and imported from Sicily by our friends from Puro, it takes a whole new dimension : it tastes amazing, and you can absolutely use it all.

Zest it, juice it, and thinly slice the white part of the skin to add in a fennel and anchovies salads.

Sicilian lemons are quite the marvel. Grown in the fertile volcanic soil near Mt. Etna, they carry a unique tangy flavor and refreshing aroma that's hard to resist. This distinct profile makes them a favorite in kitchens worldwide, adding a zesty punch to dishes and drinks alike. But their appeal goes beyond the culinary world. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, they're a healthful addition to any diet. And they're easy to enjoy, too, thanks to their thin skin and low seed content. Recognized for their quality with a Protected Geographical Indication status, these lemons truly stand out. Unsprayed and ever-blossoming, Sicilian lemons are a delightful gift from nature that never ceases to impress.