Staffelter Hof | Little Bastard 2022

Staffelter Hof | Little Bastard 2022


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Rocket Wine


Origin: Germany - Moselle

Grapes: 60% Riesling, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, 10% Müller-Thurgau, 5% Muskateller

Process: Organic farming, spontaneous fermentation in separate batches, blended for malolactic fermentation in 1900-liter oak barrels, hand-bottled straight from the cask.

Flavor Profile:
A bright yellow hue with a clear haze sets the stage for this wine's aromatic complexity. Expect a bouquet of peach, quince, and citrus fruits, complemented by a spicy, stony note and a yeasty undertone reminiscent of fresh pastries. On the palate, it's creamy, fresh, and nutty—an inviting blend that's both fruity and fresh.

About the Producer:
Staffelter Hof is not just any winery; it's a historical marvel, one of the oldest wineries in the world, dating back to 862. Today, four generations work hand-in-hand, led by the father-son duo of Gerd and Jan Matthias. They've embraced organic practices since 2012 and have been Ecovin certified since 2014. Their natural wines, like Little Bastard, are a nod to a thousand-year-old tradition of natural wine-making. The winery itself is a haven, almost Mediterranean in atmosphere, where olive, laurel, oleander, and banana trees create a tranquil setting, perfect for enjoying a glass of their exceptional wine.