Staffelter Hof | Party Panda - 2022

Staffelter Hof | Party Panda - 2022


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Rocket Wine


Origin: Germany - Mosel

Grapes: Riesling & Bacchus

Process: Pet Nat (Pétillant Naturel)

Flavor Profile: A thirsty crowd to please ? Look no further.
A vivacious blend of aromatic citrus and herbal notes, this wine is the epitome of a party companion. Its good acidic freshness makes it a lively and engaging drink. 

About the Producer:
Staffelter Hof is not just a winery; it's a historical tapestry dating back to A.D. 862. Located in the steep slopes of Kröv, Germany, the winery has been a labor of love for generations. Legend has it that the monks who originally farmed the land did so with the help of a donkey, until a wolf disrupted this peaceful coexistence. Today, the winery continues to blend tradition with innovation, offering a range of wines that are as rich in character as the stories that surround them.