Wein Goutte! | Everyone is Thirsty & Annoyed - 2021

Wein Goutte! | Everyone is Thirsty & Annoyed - 2021


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Origin: Franken, Germany

Grapes: Silvaner

Process: "This wine is made from Silvaner grapes, aged in 3 different old wood containers, then blended just before bottling. The grapes were soaked for just a few days (between 1 and 4) in order to loosen the skins and facilitate pressing, given the high pectin content of Silvaner."

Flavor profile: A complex and silky wine. Delicate, zesty with some white flower notes.

About the producer: Wein Goutte is a producer that values the natural process of winemaking. They use Silvaner grapes from their various plots, some planted in flat vineyards in gipskeuper soil, and others on the hillside where the soil has a higher proportion of schilfsandstein. The vines were planted between 1996 and 2003. All of their wines receive a microdose of sulfur pre-bottling, and analyses show less than 20mg total.