Wein Goutte! | Vin de Pommes - 2021

Wein Goutte! | Vin de Pommes - 2021


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"Given our abundant apple harvest last year, which was inversely proportional to that of the grapes, we decided to produce two drastically different ciders. This one, as its name suggests, is still. We left it to ferment until the end, and then it was bottled at the same time as our other wines. It has an alcohol content of 6.5%, with a stainless steel finish."

Franken, Germany

Apples: This wine is made from a blend of all the apples from the Wein Goutte property.

Process: Some of the apples were fermented whole in juice, then crushed and pressed after two weeks. The cider then fermented to dryness in stainless steel. It was aged in stainless steel until bottling at the end of May 2022.

Flavor profile: Very fresh, crispy apple wine. Amazing served on ice !

About the producer: Wein Goutte is a producer that values the natural process of winemaking. They use the apples from their property to create unique wines. Their Vin de Pommes 2021 is a still cider with a minimal addition of sulfur at bottling.