Wein Goutte! | Apfel Cidre - 2021

Wein Goutte! | Apfel Cidre - 2021


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Origin: Germany - Franconia

Process: "We picked the apples after the grape harvest, crushed them in the old crusher from our neighbour, fermented the juice in stainless until it reach the crucial point for bottling a cider with a moderate final sparkle. This cider has not been disgorged."

Apples: A blend of all the apples from their property.

Flavor profile: This cider has a clear, bright yellow color with a fine mousse. It is characterized by its fresh and fruity aroma, crisp and refreshing, with a balanced acidity and a subtle sweetness.

About the producer: Wein Goutte is a small producer located in the Franconia region of Germany. They are known for their commitment to natural winemaking practices, producing wines and ciders that are expressive of their terroir. Their Apfel Cidre is a testament to their philosophy, showcasing the pure, unadulterated flavors of the apples from which it is made.