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Size: 33cl



Hibiscus infusion and jasmine tea lend their floral notes of berry to HYBISKUS7, while the citric lime zest combines with the Idaho7 and Amarillo hops to form a delicate fruity body with a distinct bitterness. This kombucha has hints of tropical fruits, while also reminiscent of an aperitif.



Combining earl grey tea, bergamot peel, and mulberry wood to produce a flavor that is bright in taste, mild in its acidity, with clear notes of citrus and burnt sugar, EARLYBIRD is our take on a juicy cold brew tea. The earthy woodiness from the mulberry offers a dry basis for a surprising bitter fruitiness and an extra caffeine kick.



This kombucha is a refreshing blend of cantaloupe melon and sichuan pepper. With notes of musk and citrus peel, the melon transports exotic fruitiness, while the pepper surprises with its subtle, lingering spiciness. The lively brew is rounded off by the classic acidity of our kombucha base and leaves behind a tingling sensation on the tongue.



This kombucha is named after the variety of hops with which it was brewed. The Lemondrop hops as the main flavor transports a uniquely herbal character. The pronounced fruit and citrus notes give this bouquet its decidedly sparkling quality. Lemondrop balances the subtle acidity of the kombucha culture with a soft elderflower aroma and herbal notes of hemp and hops. This bouquet forms the body and feeling of a good craft beer.