Gartenhaus Testorf | Blackberry Gelee 240g

Gartenhaus Testorf | Blackberry Gelee 240g


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Gartenhaus Testorf


The word blackberry developed from the Old High German word brāmberi, thorn bush berry or berry of the thorn bush. They hang on extremely thorny bushes up to two meters high and tend to overgrow - so Sleeping Beauty was lucky in that the thorny hedge around her castle was only overgrown with rose bushes and not blackberries.

The blue-black berries ripen from August to September, sometimes even into October. Ripe blackberries are very juicy, taste sweet and sour and captivate with their intense forest aroma.

We first cook a pure juice from our blackberries, which we then process with sugar and pectin to make this delicious blackberry fruit spread.

Small batches, made with carefully selected fresh fruit in copper pots, with a very high percentage of fruit and many handed down secret techniques.