I Contadini | Peeled Red Tomatoes in Brine 550g


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I Contadini


I Contadini are renowed for their quality of tomatoes.
These San Marzano tomatoes are grown in open fields, harvested by hand, and peeled one by one exclusively by hand. Lightly blanched and placed in glass jars, they release all the scent of fresh tomatoes upon opening. Perfect for preserving the intense flavor of traditional recipes, these peeled tomatoes are good, wholesome, and with a special traditional fragrance.

Located in Ugento, Apulia, Italy, I Contadini (The Farmers) is a family-owned food producer dedicated to preserving regional traditions.
Run by the Trentin siblings, their 200,000 square meter farm controls every part of the production process, from growing the vegetables, lemons, herbs, vinegars and olive oil, to jarring by hand.

The siblings personally oversee cultivation, employing an integrated farming method for pesticide-free products. Committed to hard work, respect for nature, and simplicity, I Contadini produces and transforms fresh produce directly in the production area, maintaining flavor and nutrient integrity. Their story embodies tenacity, perseverance, and love for the land, making them a standout high-quality food producer.