Sapori Mediterranei | Guanciale ±323g


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Guanciale comes from the italian, guancia, meaning 'cheek'. It has a deep, much richer sweet-savory pork flavor than both Italian pancetta or bacon, and due to its high fat-to-meat ratio, it has a meltingly tender texture.

The salt-cured pork jowl is one of the fundamental ingredients in Italian cuisine, for which there are no proper substitutes. 

Sapori Mediterranei work exclusively from pigs reared in the open air of the forests. The particular and unique taste is given by the high quality of meat and the use of completely natural whole ingredients dictated by tradition and by the total absence of preservatives.

To make the guanciale, the meat is seasoned and flavoured with a mix of salt and traditional herbs and spices before curing for a few days. The guanciale is than massaged and hung to dry for between 3 to 5 days, before aging for a period of at least 2 months.

We recommend it for a classic Carbonara, Amatriciana, Pasta alla Gricia or in place of bacon in dishes that deserve a bit of punch

The Sapori Mediterranei Company, surrounded by immense oak forests in Basilicata in the Province of Matera, 656 m above sea level, has been producing hand crafted cured meats for generations. Giovanni continues the Ciliberti family craft, continuing on from his mother using preparation techniques that have remained unchanged over centuries.