Sennerei Hittisau | Bergkäse mild 5-6 Months

Sennerei Hittisau | Bergkäse mild 5-6 Month:  

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NOTE : Every piece is freshly cut by hand directly from the wheel. Size and price might vary every week.

Hittisau's cheeses frequently pick up awards at various regional, national and international events." The award winning Hittisau Sennerei is a farmers' cooperative with around 160 members, located in the Käsestrasse Bregenzerwald, an mountainous region in the Western tip of Austria.

The dairy prides itself on sourcing exclusively hay milk from Hochhaederich, an Alpine peak known as a great grazing area in the region. Cows graze on terpine rich Alpine pasture in Spring and Summer, while feasting on summer hay in the winter.

Since 1995, Sennerei Hittisau has been producing Hittisau, this mild Bergkäse is produced in the old traditional way, the curds for the 30kg+ cheese are first cooked, pressed then brined, before being cellar aged for 5-6 months.

With a creamy rich consistency and balanced aromatics, mild, yet interesting, evoking
notes of wild flowers and fresh cut grass.


This versatile cheese is best enjoyed as it is, sliced thick on bread with cracked pepper, grated for gratins, or for a truly gourmand (gluttonous) Alpen experience, breaded and baked.