Twisted Nut | Chocolate & Piemont Hazelnuts Spread 200g


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Twisted Nut


True story: Corby, the driving force behind Twisted Nut, personally delivered a sample of this spread along with our usual order. Just 30 minutes later we were ordering 3 boxes. It is hard to believe how delicious this chocolate & hazelnut spread is until you try it for yourself.

It's silky, flavorful, crunchy, and remarkably well-balanced, not overly sweet or oily. The prized hazelnuts from Piedmont are unmistakable, enriching both the texture and flavor, as is the chocolate. None of the ingredients overpower the others, which is the real "tour de force" of this spread—its harmony.

While many others fall short, Twisted Nut has clearly demonstrated the power of simplicity and exceptional quality.

In collaboration with Nocciloa Amore Mio. For three generations the Fontana family in Cravanzana have treated the earth beneath them in a small town located in the hills of the Alta Langa, cultivating the most superior nut on this planet.

Through time, passion and love for their land this proud family from season to season devote their attention to the roots that grip the soil. Yielding the fruit that hang from the leaves above of the albero di nocciole.

Exclusive to online this Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is the pinnacle of nut butter excellence. Three times stone ground for a velvety, creamy texture with a well balanced flavour of roasted Piemonte hazelnuts and sweet kakao.

Hazelnuts - Variety, Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. delle langhe (55%), Zucker, Kakao, Sonnenblumen-Lethicin

• Vegan • Gluten Free • Dairy Free •

Made in Cravanzana, Italy
Net Weight: 200g


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