Twisted Nut | Light Roast Peanut Butter 300g


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Twisted Nut



Twisted Nut's light roast is a traditional style but with a slight twist, wink.
They mill their lightly roasted peanuts until silky smooth before adding dark roasted peanuts for an additional crunch and kick, finished with a touch of rock salt.A great all round peanut butter, great on toast or as a lazy base for satay.

Twisted Nut is a project from Auckland born Kiwi Corby Inspired by his background working with speciality espresso coffee, Corby soon developed an understanding of the many similarities a coffee bean and a peanut share.

From growth to harvest, the raw to the roast.Like a coffee roaster, Cory works with different roasting styles to achieve different flavours in his butters.

Each small batch ground fresh then combined with crunchy peanut pieces and a lick of rock salt.