Sapori Mediterranei | Pezzente della montagna materana ±270g

Sapori Mediterranei | Pezzente della montagna materana ±270g


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Meat, Meat & Fish


“Pezzente” is an old Italian term that can roughly be translated with “beggar”, and refers to the origins of peasant life, to the need to preserve the meat as long as possible and, above all, to make the most of every part of the pig. While the noble parts were used by the peasants for the production of Soppressata, Pancetta and Guanciale, the least valuable cuts were reserved for this perfect example of zero-waste production, circular economy, resilient integrated systems, way before any of those ideas was conceptualized. 
Sweet Senise pepper reduced to powder, wild fennel, fresh minced garlic and sea salt was added to the meat mixture. The same operations are still carried out today in an absolutely manual way by Giovanni and his team at Sapori Mediterranei, in the beautiful hills of Lucania - another master artisan introduced to the Berlin community by our friends from Siziliessen.