Fangst | Regnbue ørred - Danish freshwater Trout 110g


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REGNBUE ØRRED - Danish freshwater trout. Smoked. With juniper and lemon thyme.

We have a Danish founder so we needed to ask him for his preference. May we present Ander’s favourite. This Danish freshwater trout is smoked and kicks in with a beautiful lemony and herbal tone. In his childhood, Martin, co-founder of FANGST, enjoyed his many visits on trout farms with his father, a biologist dedicated to developing World class farming of trout in Danish freshwater. In this can, we have preserved a bit of that memory - and some delicious smoked trout with juniper and lemon thyme.

Ingredients: Smoked trout (73%), cold pressed rapeseed oil, salt, juniper, lemon thyme.